Toby Faber - author and lecturer


Here is an interview between me and Nigel Beale, of Nota Bene books, about Faber and Faber in general and the collectability of its books in particular.

Anyone interested in the fate of the Lipinski Strad, which I lost track of in my book about Stradivari under circumstances which I explain here, and which has since gloriously re-emerged, might be interested by this project in which Frank Almond used the violin to record pieces linked with its own remarkable history. In February 2014 this violin was stolen from Frank Almond after a concert. Thankfully he was unhurt and the violin was soon recovered.
The links below are to webpages that may be useful to people researching Fabergé or Stradivarius. I'm always happy to add more.


This site includes descriptions and photographs (where available) of every major Fabergé egg

This site includes a comprehensive Fabergé bibliography, details of forthcoming exhibitions and much else


I can't resist this site, which tries to give a provenance for every known Stradivarius